No Insurance? Our NPD Plan

Don't have dental insurance?   No problem, just enroll in our in-office "NPD Plan"

2 Routine Cleanings (Prophy or Perio Maintenance), Fluoride

Annual X-rays (FMX/Pano/or 4Bitewings & 2 PAs)

2 Recall Exams

2 Emergency Exams

$100 off Bleaching (Adults)

Oral Hygiene Instruction (Kids)

Free Exams on Kids under 3 years old

25% Off Regular Fees on all other treatment during the 1 year term

An $800+ Value for $450 Adults/$400 Kids

a 50% Savings on preventative for a YEAR!!!

(Enrollment begins 4/1/17)

NP Plan Details

NPD Plan Cost Analysis