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Meet Our Team



Alicia runs our front office and has that soft warm voice everyone likes to hear on the phone.  She will make sure you understand your payment and appointment obligations for you and your family.  They don't get much sweeter...I hope you feel the same when you meet her!






Lesley is our Hygienist. She has 17+ years of dental experience.  The best compliment I keep hearing is the one everyone hopes for..."She is so teeth feel great!"  She has such a sweet disposition and patients just love that she has joined our team. You'll enjoy your time with might even relax a bit!






A fresh face with a wit about her that will definitely help make your experience a memorable one!  Megan is a local Moon Valley girl that brings a fantastic balance to the back office and I am so glad to have her on our team!







My beautiful wife that helps me keep this office going!  She has been my stay at home "Office Manager" that helps with everything from computers, finances, patient questions or just keeping the office in gear and the home happy and healthy!  She is a lover of all animals and manages 2 horses, 15 chickens, 3 dogs, two crazy boys, and one crazy husband!!!  Love her...hopefully she will pop-in when you are here and you can see what I mean!